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India must compete with Bangladesh first before competing with the US and China

These indices are those which monitor religious, economic, political, media freedoms, the rule of law, innovation, terrorism and other things. Either data is compiled or global experts are asked for their perceptions and then countries given a score or rating.

Many of these are compiled by bodies that are multilateral, such as the World Bank or the United Nations. It is not clear how India will get its poor ratings improved through a media campaign when it comes to such bodies or when it comes to hard data.

For instance, India is ranked 142 on the World Press Freedom Index, falling from 140 in 2019 and 138 in 2018. The main reason for its falling is the violence against journalists and the number of internet shutdowns in Kashmir. These are objective things that are measurable. They cannot be corrected by publicity campaigns.

This year India has introduced a new media policy in Kashmir that has more or less throttled all freedom of media in that state.
The government’s response in the instance of the media index was to set up its own ‘Index Monitoring Cell’ which would have journalists like Rajat Sharma (of Aap ki Adalat fame). Not much has been heard from this cell since and it will not affect the global rating. India’s ranking in press freedom is not going to improve globally next year either and spending money on marketing an image that is removed from reality is neither wise nor will it be effective.

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