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What does this cryptocurrency has to offer, which will soon be listed on HotBit?

  • Tecra is a company active in the blockchain ecosystem.
  • The startup, as a business entity whose solutions are likely to revolutionise worldwide high tech markets, is supported by the European Union funds (Smart Growth).

It’s quite uncommon for private projects related to cryptocurrency and tokens to be given funding from the public budget – it has, however, many perks. The grant Tecra received obliges creators to execute the predetermined plans and it will contribute to the stability and reliability of the project, which in turn can be encouraging for possible investors and potential users of Tecra’s services. Through blockchain technology, the startup implements state-of-the-art solutions in the field of investment and project funding. Such innovative solutions include Tecra’s own cryptocurrency (TecraCoin) based on PoW, tokenization of intellectual property or an independent decentralised exchange (Tecra DEX).

As an investment platform implementing crowdfunding methods, Tecra Space allows investors to support project proposals with the biggest commercial value, while simultaneously providing a platform for projects that comply with the company’s core values – sustainable development, finding new market solutions and contributing to an easier access to high-technology. Despite being a relatively new establishment, Tecra has already managed to reach some noteworthy milestones. For example, the platform has conducted its first successful project funding campaign. The capital raised for the graphene light bulb project has allowed creators to make significant progress, and the MVP is said to be expected before the end of this year. To read about this and other projects you can visit Tecra’s website:

What is the value and usability of Tecra’s cryptocurrency?

Tecra’s business model was created by the founders of the project, Łukasz Gromek and Przemysław Karda. According to it, the value of TCR is expected to increase in the long term due to projects’ increasing value. For example, one of the ideas they are working on right now is an electric car charger network that you can pay for with TCR. The Beta version of the product is already available in Warsaw, Poland. Ultimately, TecraCoins are going to be the payment method on DEX and the investment platform.

Now that TecraCoins are about to be listed on the Hotbit exchange we are curious as to how it’s going to influence their value. The current market price of TecraCoins is equal to 3.5 USD (as of October 14th 2020). The entire supply of TecraCoins is limited to 210 million coins, with as many as 65 483 304 coins emitted so far. Aside from mining and masternode methods, Tecra allows TCR holders to multiply their accumulated capital by a new feature available in TCR Wallet – TecraCoin Smart Deposit. This algorithm is similar to staking, making it possible to gain profit by simply keeping coins in dedicated deposits. The service offers attractive interest rates (even up to 33%) and is an easy way to passively increase your capital. More information about this feature can be found in this article.

Tokenization, NTF, DEX and stablecoin

These are the elements that make up the starter pack of Tecra Space – Tecra’s tokenization platform. TecraCoins can be used on the website to exchange into Space Tokens, which are distinctive project tokens that serve as equity stakes in the projects. Tokens of the projects will be offered by the creators to the investors, who in turn will be able to trade them on Tecra DEX. This brings a De-Fi solution to the field of project financing. It is worth noting that the funds for the projects will be distributed in tranches, and token owners will be able to withhold the funding in case projects aren’t being realised properly. Another unique solution are NFT tokens, which will offer personalised benefits related to the projects. For example, a game’s project could offer an NFT token that would be exchanged into limited-edition skins. Each project will offer a number of such unique tokens. Additionally, what might be interesting for investors, after every successful crowdfunding campaign creators will be obliged to buy a number of the tokens from the market, and a small percentage of the gathered capital will be distributed among all the TCR holders as a commission fee. For the final version of the platform stablecoin will be indispensable, as it will serve as a settlement measure for the project creator. The investment platform’s MVP is expected to be ready by the end of this year.

Tecra Space will be a platform dedicated for the benefit of investors and creators. With the use of blockchain-based solutions it strives to revolutionise the market of technology patents and bring transparency and security to…

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