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Top 5 Earning Crypto Investors On Binance This Week

Some investors trading through the future cryptocurrency exchange Binance Futures made hundreds of thousands of dollars this week. Some of these names doubled their investments, while others made much larger profits. Here are the top five Binance investors earning overall this week.

Bitcoin price was at the level of $ 11,400 at the beginning of this week. Bitcoin, which is currently being traded at $ 12,900, has earned spot investors 14 percent throughout the week. In this process, the crypto money market, which had a value of 365 billion dollars on Monday, reached almost 400 billion dollars later in the week.


Some Binance users took advantage of this fluctuation experienced by the market throughout the week and made huge profits. It is possible to see the names of these investors who trade futures through Binance Futures on the leaderboard.

Top earners based on the week’s odds (ROI)

  • BrownSupermarketCow: According to Binance Futures data, this cryptocurrency investor earned 100,782 percent over the week. Profit-n-Loss (PnL) of this trader, which is in the first place in the weekly ROI measure, seems to be negative. BrownSupermarketCow is at a loss of $ 55,800 on a weekly basis.
  • AnimalWhaleGreat: Second on the leaderboard, this trader earned 2.965 percent over the week. The PnL data of this trader, who has made 7 percent profit from yesterday to today, is also on the rise. Trader earned 10 thousand 700 dollars with the transactions he made throughout the week.
  • ThursdayWantBed: This trader, with a daily gain of 4.7 percent, takes the third place behind AnimalWhaleGreat in the weekly ROI competition. This trader, who made a profit of 2.736 percent throughout the week, made 8 thousand dollars in the same period.
  • ActressBabyUnderstand: ActressBabyUnderstand is fourth on the list, gaining 1.567 percent per week. This investor, who did not make any transactions yesterday, made more money on a weekly basis than the names in front of him. As a result of the positions he opened, the trader earned 11 thousand 700 dollars.
  • AcrossGlassWonderful: This trader made a weekly gain of 1.493 percent and placed fifth on the list. The trader, who made a 9 percent gain on a day basis, earned $ 6,000 throughout the week.

Top earners of the week by quantity (PnL)

  • MaskWindowsTwelve: Although this trader made a 158% gain on a week basis, the money he earned was enough to outperform all other traders in terms of amount. According to stock market data, this investor earned $ 1 million with his transactions throughout the week. The investor has earned more than $ 20,000 from yesterday alone.
  • ThanUnderstandThroat: Second on the list was ThanUnderstandThroat, which made 78 percent profit throughout the week. This trader also made a profit very close to the amount MaskWindowsTwelve earned and earned $ 936 thousand on a weekly basis.
  • WeekTidyTaxi: Ranking third on the list, this trader has earned significantly less money than its top two competitors. WeekTidyTaxi, which earned 80 percent over the week compared to ThanUnderstandThroat, earned $ 714k from its transactions.
  • UncleChangeCrazy: This trader, who earned $ 22k on a day basis, made 49 percent profit throughout the week. The movements in the market throughout the week brought this tradera 661 thousand dollars.
  • Jiucai: This investor, who is at the bottom of the list, earned a higher rate than UncleChangeCrazy. This trader made a 58 percent gain with his transactions throughout the week, and these transactions brought him 637 thousand dollars.

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