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Three days until the election

John Ninfo

This column is running Nov. 1, which is one day before my birthday and two days before the presidential election, and I am not as encouraged about the state of things as I would like to be. I expect that many of you feel the same way.

As I write this column, it is 10 days before the election, and there is yet to be an additional stimulus bill passed by Congress, although there is bipartisan acknowledgement that there are far too many Americans and businesses that continue to be hurting financially and need help from the federal government. There is simply no way that these Americans and businesses can otherwise work their ways out of the pandemic and its restrictions, even with all of the sacrifices and creative efforts we have seen them make. On the one hand, I am taken back by our $3 trillion federal budget deficit this year and worry about its impact on future generations, but on the other hand, I continue to say, like many others, we simply have no choice, under the present circumstances, but to pass at least the targeted stimulus that does have bipartisan support.

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