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How DeFi prediction market space is getting disrupted 

Once again the crypto market is bouncing back stronger after a little bit of pull back in the month of September following the uncertainties and irregularities of the upcoming America election, this month, the market seems to find its direction upwards as the bulls are raging and gaining momentum by the day. Yet again, the DeFi market is also experiencing a rebound of prices across various assets, tokens and projects, bringing up the potentiality of the DeFi market being among the top gainers once more. 

But whether in bear or bull season cryptocurrency traders make money regardless of the existing market directions, this type of prediction market is only available in other projects and exchange platforms outside the DeFi market, notably the centralized exchange markets CEXs. Plotx, a DeFi prediction market for cryptocurrency traders, is set to change that, establishing once more the dominance of the DeFi market in what looks like the long awaited bull run of 2020.

defi prediction market

Plotx prediction market is set to be the link that will connect traders of various DeFi projects tokens, up until now the only place you could find traders with the ability to trade on a bear, bull or neutral direction is on future or margin trade in centralized exchanges. In fact, Dex platforms where the bulk of DeFi tokens are traded do not maintain an order book that allows for traders to book in their price or are allowed to set their trade for a later execution, trades are typically done directly from the liquidity pool. 

Plotx is a noncustodial prediction tool that allows traders to earn rewards on high yield prediction market, it will enable traders to gain on either direction the DeFi market is taking and could potentially make traders some incredible amount of money, when you take into consideration the large amount of volatility that exist in DeFi market. 

The benefits accrued to the users of the Plotx prediction platform are of the following:

Automated systems: New markets are created algorithmically ensuring provably fair and decentralized market creation for traders facilitating a complete and smooth Onchain prediction market experience. 

Crypto Markets: Plotx was built for crypto traders focused in mind. It’s a community based project, by a team of experienced and expert cryptocurrency traders, who are well aware of the need of a simplified prediction algorithm and tools to facilitate swift prediction processes in the market. 

Instant Rewards: Predictors would not face the hassles of having to wait for an intermediary to credit their rewards as the Plotx platform is built completely onchain, atop of the Ethereum blockchain. Since there is no form of a middleman, payment is therefore fast and secured. 

Liquidity Mining: Interested users can take part in the liquidity mining feature of the Plotx prediction platform, anyone can earn additional rewards for participation and staking in the liquidity pool. 

Quick Turnaround: Instead of having to wait for a longer duration for a successful prediction, Plotx helps Predictors to shorten the curve, reducing the duration to 1hr, 1 day and 1 week markets so that users do not have to lock their funds for too long. 

Automated calculations: Embedded in the platform is an automated calculation algorithm that calculates prediction Onchain for each market, feeding users with real live data as obtained per seconds all over the market at a given instant. This will give a better on-the-spot decision-making effort to the trader. 

How Does It Work? 

Plotx allows users to take positions either in the bearish, bullish or neutral positions across different markets at the same time, Plotx will be the aggregator of these other predictions market, simplifying the process, cutting down on the amount of time that would be spent on these different platforms. Each market is created using the Automated Market Maker and all transactions are processed on the blockchain for transparency purposes. Rewards are instant without any form of limitation. Players can also use leverage to manage their risks (Predictors are strongly advised to use only that which they can afford to lose as this is the best form of trading action) 

defi prediction market

The sleekness, dark themed background and feature of the Plotx prediction platform makes it a great attraction to traders. The fast and intuitive website experience will ensure that anyone with a simple ability of predicting or trading on any known exchange or prediction market is already equipped to make predictions on the Plotx prediction platform. This fix, the much-needed introduction of this tool will spur more and better innovations for the DeFi market. 

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