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Ex-WH adviser Steve Bannon believes George Santos expulsion could fuel GOP

Steve Bannon believes George Santos’ expulsion from Congress could fuel a GOP “civil war.”

The former White House adviser said on his on War Room podcast Saturday that he thinks ex-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, (R-Calif.) and other anti-Trump Republicans masterminded Santos’ political demise.

“This is McCarthy to screw MAGA,” Bannon said. “This is a thing to jam up” current House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.).

Santos “is not a guy you want to defend,” Bannon admitted, but he argued the expulsion is a lot bigger than the lying Long Island Republican.

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon warned anti-Donald Trump Republicans led by ex-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy have set the stage for a GOP “civil war” by pushing for George Santos’ expulsion from Congress. REUTERS

“This is 100% McCarthy and his acolytes trying to make our job even tougher and take away the majority,” said the former Trump sidekick. “… If they want a civil war, you got one.”

With Santos’ seat now unfilled, Republicans hold a slim 221-213 majority in the US House of Representatives.

Santos (R-NY) became the sixth member ever to be expelled from the House on Friday, a little more than a year after he won election despite fabricating much of his personal and professional history, lying about his campaign’s finances and defrauding donors.

Ex-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (in photo) tried to “screw MAGA” by masterminding lying Republican pol George Santos’ political death, according to former Trump sidekick Steve Bannon. Getty Images
Former Rep. George Santos on Friday, shortly before he was expelled from the House. AFP via Getty Images

The now-former representative from New York’s 3rd Congressional District is also facing a 23-count federal indictment for allegedly having laundered his campaign’s money and defrauded donors. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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