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Endorsement letters – Opinion – Monroe News – Monroe, Michigan

Yes to Driskell

I’m voting for Gretchen Driskell for Michigan’s 7th District because we need honest representation. Tim Walberg has failed his post by standing by and defending someone who is a threat to our republic.

These are words that should never be spoken lightly, the very words of William Harry McRaven, a retired United States Navy four-star admiral. There are many reasons why we should trust McRaven, a true patriot and remarkable leader. He points out this current administration’s failed foreign policy in multiple arenas. Tim Walberg has repeatedly brushed aside the lack of foresight demonstrated by Trump and company. Walberg has stood silent as this current president has spread false hopes and created fabricated fantasied conspiracies.

We need leadership that clearly speaks on the behalf of all constituents and, again, in this area, Walberg has failed. I no longer participate in his town hall meetings because he’ll sugarcoat the destructive behavior from the White House. This president has desecrated our fallen heroes on multiple occasions. Where was Walberg? Well, it’s time for a change.

I’m supporting Gretchen Driskell for several different reasons (yes, she supports the Second Amendment). First and foremost, she understands the value of sacrifice. This is the bedrock from which our nation stands upon. We also need humility. The current crop of politicians stink, and we deserve better. I want commitment towards accountability, which Gretchen Driskell can provide. Her time is now; she understands the responsibility of being a representative and who she has to answer to.

She’ll represent the 7th District in a different manner than our current politician. She’s ready to address the tough issues, like healthcare, jobs, education, veterans, social security, agriculture and the environment. We need someone who will reflect our values better then Walberg. Gretchen Driskell is clearly a better choice for Michigan 7th District.

Mark Sherwood


Republican Party lacks compassion

God will save us! Those were Tim Walberg’s words in his response to climate change.

Really, God will save us? If Tim read the Bible he would not see any indication that God saved anyone. In fact the opposite is true. In the Bible stories, God killed between 3 to 25 million people, including children. That number does not include the great flood where he reportedly saved just one family.

Maybe Tim would learn compassion for children and women from Jesus Christ. During Christ’s life, he did not participate or get involved in civil disputes against the Romans, nor did he get involved in wars. Jesus declared that anyone who caused a child to go astray will suffer severe punishment. One of many Republican plans that Tim supported was the taking away of children from their parents. There is no compassion from the Republican party which Tim Walberg has always toed the party line of hate, division and lies.

So, Tim, I’ll remind you that Jesus Christ was killed by people of religion with the help of the government. People of religion will say that Christ died for our sins. But on the cross Jesus looked up and said “My God, My God why hast thou forsaken me?” So, Tim, which religious person are you today? The religious person of compassion or the religious person who killed Jesus Christ?

Michael Lawrence


Trust in Driskell

Gretchen Driskell is my choice to represent me in Congress. As a healthcare provider and a healthcare consumer, I trust Gretchen to support good, affordable healthcare insurance for all.

I am a business owner and a cancer survivor. Before Obamacare, the ACA, I was told, “In the insurance world, once you have cancer you always have cancer.” So I had to pay a higher premium and there was only one company that would insure me, even though I was healthier than 95% of my peers.

The ACA changed all that for the better. Gretchen Driskell supports the ACA in its entirety. Walberg does not support the ACA. He states that he supports some mystical GOP health insurance plan that no one has actually seen.

Just remember, you are in danger of losing coverage for pre-existing conditions, coverage for your college kids up to age 26, expanded Medicaid coverage and subsidies to make health insurance affordable for poor people. Gretchen Driskell will protect and fight for this “Law of the Land.” Walberg will help destroy it.

Linda Lauer


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