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COZ announce rebrand, launch of new website and blockchain explorer, and

The COZ development community has announced a rebrand and released a slew of updated products. Over the course of a week, COZ revealed the Dora block explorer, Neopython Suite for Neo3, a new website, and a preview of an upcoming mobile version of the Neon Wallet.

Source: COZ

COZ began the releases with a minimally worded Tweet highlighting the new brand identities for its suite of products: Neon Wallet, Mamba, Boa, Dora, and Neon.js. Following the announcement, COZ updated its website to reflect its new brand.


Dora is a full feature Neo2.x blockchain explorer that allows users to browse addresses, transactions, blocks, contracts, and more. Additionally, the Dora blockchain explorer offers notification parsing, along with raw and disassembled scripts. Dora will also soon offer an enterprise-class API for accessing blockchain data and has planned support for Neo3.


An interesting new feature of the updated explorer is 24-hour contract invocation statistics, which shows how many times the top 5 contracts have been called upon within the reporting period. The 24-hour contract invocation feature exhibits activity on the Neo network that might not be viewable on other explorers.

Neopython Suite

COZ unveiled its new Neopython Suite, comprised of a rebuild of the Boa compiler and a new Mamba SDK, enabling development support for Python on Neo3. The Boa compiler aims to allow developers to begin writing Neo3 contracts compatible with the Preview3 TestNet. The Mamba SDK seeks to simplify interaction with the blockchain, providing Python developers with similar conveniences to those found in neon.js.

Source: COZ

Along with the Neopython Suite, COZ has also released preliminary contract examples and various feature tests to offer smart contract developers references for how to use the tooling. More detailed documentation about available modules can be found here.

Neon Wallet mobile

COZ released a teaser video to announce the team has been developing a mobile version of the Neon Wallet, which stated: “iOS & Android coming soon.”


The Neon Wallet is a light wallet for the Neo ecosystem, allowing users to manage their NEO, GAS, and other NEP-5 tokens. The desktop wallet offers support for Ledger, offline signing, claiming GAS, and more. It is fully open-source and is currently available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

To register for beta testing of the mobile wallet, interested individuals can apply at

COZ in the Neo ecosystem

COZ is among the longest running developer communities in the Neo ecosystem. The community was founded in 2017 to build developer and end-user products to make it easy to explore, transact, and build on the Neo blockchain. In a conversation with Neo News Today, COZ co-founder, Tyler Adams said:

Since Antshares, COZ has been an organization that the community can depend on to raise the bar on what an ecosystem experience can be. We are excited to continue that lineage into Neo3. You can look forward to new announcements in the coming weeks.

Readers can visit the following link to learn more about COZ:

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