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Call Of Duty Launches The Games Of Summer On Multiple Titles

Activision has launched a new event in Call Of Duty as both Modern Warfare and Warzone have entered The Games Of Summer. This is basically your chance to compete in special competitions as if the company was holding their own Olympics. The games are spread out across multiple game modes ranging from target practice all the way to 1-v-1 battles. You can read more about them at the link above and we have a little more info for you below with a trailer to show it off. The event won’t be running very long, so you only have a small amount of time to rack up as many gold, silver, and bronze medals as you can and reap the rewards that come with each.

The Call Of Duty Games Of Summer will have you chasing after the gold, courtesy of Activision.
The Call Of Duty Games Of Summer will have you chasing after the gold, courtesy of Activision.

For participating in Call Of Duty Games of Summer, players will receive rewards based on performance within each Trial. These rewards are stackable – if a competitor achieves gold on the first try, they will receive all three rewards for their epic (or in some cases, legendary) achievement. Each Trial medal comes alongside rewards (rewards can only be received once) and all players who participate earn the ‘Games of Summer Cup’ weapon charm. Trials rewards include but are not limited to vehicle skins, XP tokens, vehicle horns, calling cards, and Legendary weapon blueprints.

Earn gold in each Trial and receive the Legendary Assault Rifle Juliet Blueprint, a weapon truly built for chasing first place on any leaderboard. Built for pure precision with a clear, non-magnified sight picture, consider this a “gold standard” among a competitive pool of this weapon platform’s existing blueprints. On top of these rewards, individual Call Of Duty medals will give points to a player’s respective country, determined by their account’s origin. Each country’s points will be updated daily, and the top 15 countries will be visible on in-game leaderboards. Total scoring is weighted by country participants, so any nation can rise to the top. Earn medals and rack up your points for your country, then at the culmination of Games of Summer, a country will be crowned champion. Will there be an underdog that claims glory for a well-contested Trial at the 11th hour? Or will one country hold a commanding lead throughout the Games?

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