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9 Low-Cost Ways to Make Virtual Learning Easier for Kids | Smart Change:

2. A clip-on selfie light

Small selfie lights that attach to the side of a screen can help light up your child’s face and ensure the teacher can see them, too. This light is especially useful if your student is sitting in a dark room or has a light or window behind them. You’ll want to make sure it’s not too bright for their eyes, but selfie lights generally allow you to adjust the brightness.

3. A paper planner

Even though distance learning largely takes place on a computer, it’s nice for kids to get some practice staying organized on paper. To keep track of homework assignments, due dates and even online classes, consider buying a small paper planner for your student. A pack of fine-tip colorful pens can also be a nice bonus.

4. Online programs to boost learning

After checking which free online programs are available through your child’s school, you might want to supplement your child’s learning with some relatively inexpensive academic games. Prodigy, a math game for students in grades one through eight, offers a free version and a premium version, which costs $8.95 a month (or less if you purchase a longer subscription). Scholastic offers a “Learn at Home” program that costs $5.99 a month. There are countless other options, so you might want to search online for educational games related to the subjects your child wants to practice.

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