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BlockDAG’s $100M Goal vs BNB Chain Update & Litecoin Price

BlockDAG Presale Sells 11.8B Coins & Aim for $100M Before Launch; More On BNB Chain Update & Litecoin’s Price Crash 

The crypto market is full of surprises and not always the good kind. The recent BNB Chain update of a 90% transaction fee slash didn’t spark joy while Litecoin’s roller coaster price swings have kept investors on edge. On the bright side though, BlockDAG, a top-tier Layer-1 powerhouse, has defied the odds with explosive presale growth—over 11.8 billion coins sold in less than 19 presale batches as presale’s total earnings cross $54.5 million. As a result, projections show BlockDAG’s presale hitting $100 million before the mainnet launch. This article decodes why BlockDAG has become a gold mine for top crypto gainers. 

BNB Chain Update: Transaction Fees Slashed by 90%

A major BNB Chain update, rolled out on June 20, aimed at slashing transaction fees by 90%. However, contrary to bullish predictions, this upgrade did not ignite BNB’s price as expected. Dubbed BEP 336, the update promised Ethereum-like efficiency but left BNB’s price stagnant at $585.37, far from the anticipated surge. 

Crypto analysts had forecasted a dramatic rise, even suggesting a return to the all-time high of $720.67, but these predictions proved overly optimistic. The market seemed to have already factored in the update, diluting its impact. This lukewarm reaction underscores the unpredictable nature of crypto price movements and the challenges in forecasting market responses.

Litecoin Price Teeters: MACD Reveals Bearish Trends 

The Litecoin price has recently wavered, holding at a $71 support level amidst turbulent market conditions. Despite a decline to $69.75 and a 6.25% drop in the last 24 hours, large investors, or whales, have increased their holdings, signaling potential bullish momentum. 

However, the MACD indicator suggests a bearish trend, with the MACD line below its signal and zero lines. Analysts predict further decline unless market sentiment shifts. Whale accumulation hints at confidence in future gains, but sentiment remains negative at -0.021, indicating cautious optimism for Litecoin’s short-term prospects amid a challenging landscape.

Leading Layer 1 BlockDAG Eyes $100M Before Launch

BlockDAG’s blazing presale speed has officially stunned the cryptoverse, with savvy investors and top crypto gainers sparking huge whale purchases, as seen on its dashboard. The crypto’s presale smells like “wild success” after its price rose steadily yet explosively from $0.001 in batch 1 to $0.014 in batch 19, revealing a record-breaking 1,300% surge. 

Investors have accumulated over 11.8 billion BDAG coins, causing the platform to raise over $54.5 million in presale revenue. This trajectory has brought predictions of BlockDAG raising $5 million daily. To take this optimism up a notch, experts foresee BlockDAG raising $100 million before its highly anticipated Mainnet launch. After this launch, which is scheduled in four months, the price of one BDAG coin is projected to reach $1, potentially bringing an ROI of over 7,000% for those who invest today!

BlockDAG’s presale victory is more than a colorful dream – it sprawls across a meticulously planned 45 batches, each bringing a steady yet significant price increase. While cryptos like Bitcoin, Solana, and Litecoin suffer continued market fluctuations, BlockDAG’s presale progression followed by its strategic 4-month vesting period and $100 in liquidity at launch ensure BDAG continues to rise regardless of how turbulent the market gets. 

BlockDAG also flaunts a top-tier Layer 1, powered by an advanced Proof-of-Work consensus. This power combo neatly hits the trifecta of speed, security, and decentralization to facilitate lightning-fast transaction speeds and ultra-scalable throughputs. Its DAG protocol further bolsters security and transparency, overcoming the challenges of traditional blockchains like Bitcoin. For instance, BlockDAG’s unparalleled 10,000-15,000 TPS puts Bitcoin’s 6-8 TPS to shame. 

Most institutional investors consider BlockDAG to kickstart an era bigger than the early days of Bitcoin where building, investing, spending, and profiting from cryptocurrency will know no bounds.


As BNB’s 90% transaction fee slash fizzles and Litecoin’s price wobbles, BlockDAG stands out with its explosive presale success and unparalleled Layer 1 technology. By batch 19, the platform saw over 11.8 billion coins snapped up and raised over $54.5 million, hinting at a $100 million presale revenue before the mainnet launch. Currently priced at $0.014 in presale batch 19, BDAG’s price has surged by an unbelievable 1,300% since batch 1. Considering these phenomenal figures, BlockDAG isn’t just surviving – it’s…

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